The Advantage Of Having A Top Notch Team

Kb's strives to have a pleasant family atmosphere. We are such an easy going staff that welcomes everyone who comes through the door with a big smile and their favorite sub. We employ a large array of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and skills.

In fact, one of our favored employees has been with us for over 27 years! Can you believe that? With that kind of dedication and experience you can be sure to be getting 27 years worth of sub love haha. In addition to our long term employees we teach young professionals the value of hard work, dedication, and of course fun. This provides a unique atmosphere where everyone gets along and works really well together. 

When we get a new team member, he.she is trained by the whole staff and is brought in like a new family member. This helps them feel comfortable, relaxed and eager to provide good customer service. Communication between team members is crucial for a business tor un smoothly, and this comfortable, family-oriented environment provides that. As a team member you'll never feel like you are just a machine at a corporate chain, but rather an important piece of a bigger picture. This feeling of value for our team members is ultimately passed on to a good customer experience. When our team is happy, they provide friendly service to our customers and everyone wins.

Overall, we are really lucky to have this unique environment and all the laughter we have here makes for a pleasant day. The life long bonds and friendships always stand the test of time and the creation of new chapters in our team member's lives. For example, when many of our student employees move on to their collegiate life, they often come back for summer employment and just to enjoy a darn good sub.

If you're interested in joining the team, or want to try our sub of the week, gives us a call or stop in, and make it a KB's pit stop!